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Abstract Quantum Beats From Four

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Intrinsic Quantum Beats of Atomic Populations and

Abstract. In the coherently trapped populations of a four-level atom, we demonstrated the quantum beats with different mechanism, which originate from the interference between

Molecular quantum beats. High-resolution

2019-5-25Measurement and theoretical modeling of quantum beats in picosecond time-resolved degenerate four-wave mixing and polarization spectroscopy of OH in atmospheric pressure flames. Physical Review A 1998 , 58 5 , 4102-4115.

Quantum beats in stimulated electronic raman

A theory of quantum beats in a Stokes signal observed in pump-probe experiments upon excitation of four-level atoms with two close upper lying levels by femtosecond laser pulses is developed. Quantum beats arise in the intensity of the Stokes field due to the interference of two atomic wave packets generated by ultrashort pump and probe pulses.

Study of Multiple Quantum Beats in Atomic

A theoretical model consisting of 5 energy levels in coupled four-wave mixing processes was proposed to analyze the coherent characteristics of atomic wavepackets using perturbative theory. The equations of motions of the density matrix were derived and the third-order density matrix elements were presented. Under the condition that the duration of laser pulses is sufficiently short, the ...

Observation of Ground-State Quantum Beats in

We recently published experimental results showing quantum beats in spontaneous emission at the frequency of the ground-state Zeeman splitting in Rb, i.e. ground-state quantum beats seen in ...

Magnetoexciton quantum beats influence of

This unambiguously proves that the modulation is due to real quantum beats which demonstrates that the individual ME states are mutually coupled. Download Download full-size image Fig. 4. Spectrally resolved four-wave-mixing signal for 5 T as a function of time delay . The absorption spectrum and the laser spectrum are shown for comparison ...

Quantum beats and polarization interference from

Quantum beats and polarization interference from excitons in quantum wells ... Full citation Abstract. We show that time-resolved quantum beat spectroscopy in the four-wave mixing FWM geometry is a unique tool to investigate the electronic multi-level system associated with spectrally adjacent excitonic resonances. ... excitonic transitions ...

Observation of biexcitonic quantum beat in strain

Four-wave mixing in strain-induced GaAs quantum dots formed in a GaAs quantum well is studied using a highly sensitive heterodyne technique. A clear oscillation with a period of 1ps is observed ...

Polarization selection rules for quantum beating

Abstract We present a comprehensive experimental and theoretical investigation of the polarization selection rules for degenerate-four-wave-mixing DFWM and quantum beating of

Four-wave mixing dynamics of excitons in InGaAs self ...

2007-6-11Abstract. In this paper we summarize our experimental work on the dephasing of excitons in self-assembled InAsGaAs quantum dots, measured using a sensitive four-wave mixing technique in heterodyne detection. Transient four-wave mixing is a powerful technique to measure not only exciton dephasing times but also fine-structure splitting energies ...

Selective Generation Of Quantum Beats Of Weakly

2019-1-31We report the selective generation of quantum beats of weakly confined excitons in GaAs thin films. The oscillatory structure is observed in the degenerate fourwavemixing DFWM signals, and the frequency varies with excitation energy. Comparing with the DFWM spectrum, we concluded that the origin of the oscillation is the quantum beat of the weakly confined excitons.

Quantum beats in the polarization response of a

One of the most striking features observed in figure 2b is the fact that the quantum-beat signal initially appears at frequencies exceeding g by roughly 2 eV. The instantaneous frequency of quantum beats then gradually decreases, approaching g at the tailing edge of the laser pulse. In other words, the quantum-beat signal is negatively ...

Evidence of biexcitonic contributions to four-wave

Abstract A three-pulse degenerate four-wave-mixing experiment and its theoretical analysis reveal contributions of local field and biexciton effects to the nonlinear optical response of the two-dimensional exciton. Quantum beats with a frequency equivalent to the biexciton binding energy appear only for specific polarizations.

Dephasing and Quantum Beating of Excitons in ...

2019-5-25Perovskite nanocrystals have emerged as an interesting material for light-emitting and other optoelectronic applications. Excitons are known to play an important role in determining the optical properties of these nanocrystals and their energetic levels as well as quantization properties have been extensively explored. Despite this, there are still many aspects of perovskites that are still ...

Quantum coherence of continuum states in the

Quantum beats of heavy and light holes in GaAs quantum wells are investigated in femtosecond time-resolved four-wave mixing and transmission experiments as a function of optical excitation energy. Under nonexcitonic excitation conditions, the four-wave mixing signal disappears due to the immediate loss of the interband coherence of continuum ...


2013-10-9Quantum information research has the potential to drastically alter the elds of communication and computation. E orts in quantum computation are driven by the prospect of using the features of quantum physics to tackle otherwise intractable computational problems. It was realized early on that controllable quantum systems

Quantum coherences reveal excited-state dynamics in ...

2019-6-24Abstract. Ultrafast, multi-dimensional spectroscopic measurements of photosynthetic light-harvesting complexes have revealed quantum coherences with timescales comparable to

OSA | Isolating quantum coherence using coherent

We demonstrate how spectral shaping in coherent multidimensional spectroscopy can isolate specific signal pathways and directly access quantitative details. By selectively exciting pathways involving a coherent superposition of exciton states we are able to identify, isolate and analyse weak coherent coupling between spatially separated excitons in an asymmetric double quantum well.

Quantum beats versus polarization interference An ...

2013-8-30Abstract We demonstrate that transient four-wave mixing with time-resolved detection of the coherent nonlinear signal allows unambiguous experimental distinction between quantum beats and beats due to interfering polarizations of independent quantum-mechanical systems.

Jun Fang He | Scientific.Net

Quantum beats were extracted the time domain signal by Fourier transform. Moreover, the variation of quantum beats was gained by time-dependent Fourier transform. The results show that the coherent characteristics of alkali metal atomic wave packets are closely related to quantum beats embedded in the time delayed four-wave mixing signal.

Polarization dependence of beating phenomena at

Abstract We report time-resolved degenerate four-wave-mixing experiments on a high-quality single GaAs quantum well. The signals for parallel and cross-polarized exciting pulses show pronounced quantum beats with different frequencies corresponding to the heavylight-hole splitting and the biexciton binding energy, respectively.

Quantum biology revisited | Science Advances

Photosynthesis is a highly optimized process from which valuable lessons can be learned about the operating principles in nature. Its primary steps involve energy transport operating near theoretical quantum limits in efficiency. Recently, extensive research was motivated by the hypothesis that nature used quantum coherences to direct energy transfer. This body of work, a cornerstone for the ...

OSA | Coherent spectroscopy of semiconductors

The coherent optical response of semiconductors has been the subject of substantial research over the last couple of decades. The interest has been motivated by unique aspects of the interaction between light and semiconductors that are revealed by coherent techniques. The ability to probe the dynamics of charge carriers has been a significant driver.

Timeline of Quantum Computers and the History of

2017-9-13Quantum-Computing 101 Timeline of Quantum Computers. There are two major differences between qubits. There is an ensemble qubit which contain a large number of particles that together act as a single qubit and there is what one typically thinks of as a qubit, which is a single particle or material.. Possible qubits include single photons, trapped atomic ions, neutral atoms, nuclear spins ...

Geometrical representation of the equations for

Equations for solving a quantum beat problem in a three-level system, which determine two complex variables of time dependence, are rewritten in terms of four real functions constructed from the two complex variables.